Zero Point Seven.

In 2012 I was part of a team that was awarded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Cannes Chimera grant, an initiative aimed to enlist creative industry professionals to help solve global problems. The grant allowed us to develop a campaign called Zero Point Seven – aimed to reinvent the historical 0.7% aid target. 

The 0.7% aid target was introduced in 1970 by the United Nations to encourage rich nations to use 0.7% of their annual wealth to reduce poverty and boost economic growth in the developing world. After about a year we found ourselves face to face with the Assistant Secretary General Jan Eliasson and other senior diplomats at the UN’s Headquarters in New York.  

We pitched our idea and suggested a small change in policy that could make a big change to the world. 0.7% shouldn’t just be a target for governments, it should be a target for everyone - that was the core premise. The UN loved the idea and decided to partner with us on the project and the Give 0.7% movement was born.

Our goal was to craft an identity that had enough visual edge for a celebrity or a top-tier brand to not be embarrassed to wear or endorse the initiative. On the flip side we didn't want it to be too try hard or cool for the sake of being cool. The brand required a fine balance of creative edge and sensitivity to the subject matter whilst providing us with a platform to communicate on many levels, including brand partnerships.

The outcome is a strong and clean brandmark that subtly plays upon how small of an amount 0.7 really is. It's a a clean, bold brand identity which, along with a punchy red, black and grey colour palette, gave us the tools we needed to craft an engaging cross-platform brand experience.


Before we launched the inniative in its entirety we first needed to introduce this largely unknown number to the masses. So we launched a campaign that asked people to give 0.7% of their day, just 10 minutes and 5 seconds, to find out about the target, it’s history and it’s future. 

The initiative launched with a film that lasts for 0.7% of one day - that’s just ten minutes and five seconds. Although the message is serious, the idea was to not make it your average, heart wrenching charity video, so instead we created a mashup of culturally relevant and often hilarious youtube videos to explain why we should all give 0.7%. 


We crafted a simple single-page scrolling website to support the campaign online – providing an engaging narrative that encouraged users to watch and share the video, and ideally make a donation. The user experience was also given additional depth by subtle interactions and gently layered key images.

“After about a year we found ourselves face to face with the Assistant Secretary General Jan Eliasson and other senior diplomats at the United Nation’s Headquarters in New York.”


Jack De Caluwe – Creative Director at Future Büro (2014)




Creative Direction, Branding and Design
Jack De Caluwé


Production and Development
Future Büro

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Jack McPartland / Paul Calway

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