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Making Mobile Better is a major integrated brand campaign targeting ‘anti-social’ mobile phone behaviour by Virgin Mobile Australia. Fronted by American actress Jane Lynch (of Glee fame), VMA kicked off the campaign with an innitiative called 'Meal For A Meal', where they commit to donating a meal to a OzHarvest every time someone posts a picture of their food on social media using the hashtag #mealforameal. 

The campaign launched  with a 60-second online content piece that demonstrates the absurdity of our mobile behaviour by removing the mobile phone from the situation – a Facebook check-in becomes a public megaphone announcement, a text is written on a typewriter, and selfies are taken with Polaroids and handed out to strangers.

The videos were housed across Virgin Mobile’s owned channels, including a new website dedicated to the Making mobile better campaign,, and was being pushed out as pre-rolls.


The first initiative we helped launch is #mealforameal, which sees Virgin partner with food rescue service OzHarvest take the trivial mobile behaviour of sharing photos of food on social media, and make it better.

Every time someone snaps a photo of their food and posts it to social media with the hashtag #mealforameal, Virgin Mobile will donate to OzHarvest so they can deliver a real meal to someone in need. Through this initiative, Virgin Mobile aims to help combat hunger and food wastage by delivering 400,000 meals through OzHarvest.

​Commenting on the #mealforameal initiative, Ronni Kahn, Founder and CEO of OzHarvest, says: “Taking photos of your food has become somewhat of a phenomenon – it’s hard to imagine social media without a steady stream of food pics! Yet every year in Australia alone, four million tonnes of food is wasted and $8 billion worth of food is thrown away! This is happening while two million Australians rely on food relief for their meals! Through #mealforameal, we’re able to take a fun mobile behaviour and give it real meaning, making a huge impact to people in need.”





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Jack De Caluwé

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Future Büro

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