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Established in 1963, the Toga Group is an award-winning property development company specialising in residential apartments and hotels. While their heritage is certainly a strength, research suggested the brand was in need of an update.

Their heritage was their strength but research suggested the brand was in need of an update. Revitalising the Toga brand with a fresh, modern visual language became our goal. After conducting a comprehensive brand review, we made some enhancements to ensure all Toga’s communications would be distinctive and visually consistent.

The existing Toga logo was already clean and strong, with an elegance that harks back to the 20s and 30s. 

So our goal was to build on this style and create a complete visual identity to support it. Taking the essence of the logo, we were able to create an ownable suite of graphic elements, which all felt uniquely ‘Toga’. The final graphic style combined strong bold linework, a simple sans-serif typeface and a flexible structure to give Toga a comprehensive, practical and cohesive visual language.




Creative Direction and Branding
Jack De Caluwé

Production and Development
Future Büro

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