Branding, Digital, Collateral 


Ousbäck is a solo project by former MTV presenter Anthony Ousbäck. The 
singer/songwriter approached me to create an identity, a website and accompanying promotional material.

The songs Ousbâck plays are folksy in nature, but there is this constant feeling that there is something mysterious and sinister lurking beneath the surface. The lyrics and the dark, eerie strings sound almost as if it's from a bygone era. A time when that  sort of '70s post-Watergate paranoia reached a climax, and everything became “black is white, the sky is the ground”. There's real mystery hidden beneath the lyrics, with subtle references to alien life, folkloric monsters, chemtrails, etc. Ousbäck's music possesses both those dark and abstract qualities, as well as a lightness and romance, which sets an uneasy, yet deeply engaging mood that became my inspiration and evidently  influenced the overall art direction.


The challenge was to visually depict this diversity in tone, and uniqueness of the artist. I wanted the artwork to emulate the feeling I got when talking to the artist and listening to the album. The graphic language is mysterious and haunting, with a sense of curiousness within them.

I wanted to leave it up the spectator's imagination to interpret the visuals and discover their relationship with the music.




Design, Branding and Art Direction
Jack De Caluwé

Karina Eibatova 

Coding and Development
Jingjin Han