Anthony Ousbäck is an Australian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. In 2012 I created the artwork for Ousbäck his introspective self-titled debut.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Taking cues from Anthony's personal anecdotes, metaphysical theories and rich, layered approach to song writing, I wanted the artwork to feel spiritual and eerie in nature, yet have a footing in real life. His writing is impressionistic and fractured – deailing with themes as diverse as the British colonization of Australia, the chemtrail theory or folkloric monsters. But because it’s also heavy with heartbreak and loss, it feels intimate and authentic – like pages ripped from his personal diary.               


Inside sleeve

To reflect that thematic depth and eclectic mix of influences, the artwork was crafted from personal photography, an astroid modelled in 3d, illustrative fairytale-like moments and a mix of stark grotesque typography and fluid handwriting.  The amalgamation of these elements results in a mysterious record cover that establishes a distinct mood for Ousbäck's introspective, layered collection of music.                  



Design, Branding and Art Direction
Jack De Caluwé

Karina Eibatova 

Coding and Development
Jingjin Han