OneABC is an inniative by ABC (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation) aimed to overhaul their existing digital presence. We crafted a simple, unified and highly engaging design language system thats creates a coherent experience across all of their products and services.


Looking at the existing digital presense of ABC, there was a noticable lack of consistency and coherence. Unlike the brand's presence on tv, the online brand had slowly deteriorated through decades of updates and hacks. Our  goal was to rebuilt ABC's digital presence from scratch and create a more coherent experience across all of the products and services, everything from ABC news to ABC Kids, Triple J and iView. 

Tapping into the knowledge of the internal ABC team, and interviewing the ABC audience provided us with a wealth of knowledge and a starting point on which to rebuilt the ABC identity. The OneABC experience had to demonstrate world class functionality and design and present content to users simply and efficiently across all chosen touch points. The solution also had to be flexible and scaleable to allow continual product evolution.

To ensure that the OneABC vision would be accurately executed and communicated to multiple parties, our priority was to develop and document a Design Language System. This system had to articulate all brand, design and interaction aspects of the OneABC platform.

TYPOGRAPHY – ​With more than 7 million Australians visiting ABC online every month, text has become a key part of its digital content. The ABC online News team alone produces approximately 60,000 web pages each year, most with text as the main content form. So part of our design language system we set out to create a single font family that was highly legible but also diverse enough so it could be suitable for serious applications like news reporting but also human and friendly enough to reflect the Australian culture, landscape, people and media.

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The first beta of OneABC is currently in development for desktop and iPad, and sheduled for release in  2017.  A custom Mobile experience is currently in the works, and the rebrand is being tailored for tv and print adaptations.




UX,  Direction & Design
Jack De Caluwé

Design, Production and Development

Crafted at MONO