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From the first time we met the client, we knew they had clear ideas. They were passionate about simplifying and enhancing the way freelancers and companies connect with each other, in one streamlined, integrated platform. It was an interesting idea that could set a new benchmark for the recruitment industry. Our challenge was to figure out what it would look like. 

Once we had been entrusted with the art direction and the overall design, we realised the scale of the project. There was a great concept, but no name, no identity. We sought to create a brand built upon the idea of this platform being the connection between the company and the freelancer, and strike that same personal chord through the design. This connection is also what influenced the eventual naming of the brand.

Derived from the English word ‘Envoy’ the name  of the brand became Nvoi – referring to the platform as a trusted middleman between the temp worker and the employer. With all that in mind and a name in place, we carefully started working on the branding. Our mission was to create a coherent identity with a visual expression that differs from the online competitors.

To further highlight the idea of Nvoi as the middleman between temp workers and companies we developed an identity system in which a bold and modern uppercase ‘N’ is formed from a combination of a set of simple geometric shapes. The stems from the letter represent the temp worker and the company, and the stroke (diagonal portion) represents Nvoi as the connections between those two. This approach was crucial, as we felt the visual styling of the ID had to capture this idea of connection at the centre of the brand. The thick outline stroke adds a playfulness that subtly conveys the friendliness and welcoming aspect of the brand. 

We experimented with different frames around the mark; circles, rectangles and squares. But nothing felt right, and we decided to leave it open and use this negative space to evoke the sense of freedom a temp worker has. The styling of the stems and aperture of the N guided the supplementary typographic word mark which is a heavily customised version of the typeface ‘Maison Neue’, by Berlin-Zurich-based type-foundry Milieu Grotesque. It’s a traditional yet contemporary-looking Sans Serif that stands out thanks to its’ clean lines and friendly appearance. 


A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person, so we started thinking about what the reputation of this platform would be. What impact could it have on the industry, and what would be it’s role?


Jack De Caluwé – Creative Director at Future Büro (2015)




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