Aimed to reinvent the experience of watching music videos, Loop.tv both honors the classics and creates a dynamic introduction to a new generation of music videos. We crafted a multi-platform brand and product – tailored to personal music discovery and contextual mood-based experiences.

How have audio-only music services like Spotify and Pandora shaped peoples listening habits? What makes someone stick around after watching a video on YouTube? To answers these questions and better understand music consumption behaviour, extensive research was done in the form of one-to-one interviews and online surveys.

One of our findings was that an overabundance in content on channels like YouTube, made it hard for music fans to track down music videos in high quality.  Additionally, and crucially, we started identifying a real craving for the old Music Television concept of continuous playback.

Whether it's distilled from a sense of nostalgia or from a genuine need, people seemed to miss that element of surprise, waiting for the next video and discovering new music in the process.  On the back of that research and its learnings, we started crafting both a brand and a product that could reinvigor the concept of binge-watching streams of music videos, set in a digital context.

Our content talks to a broad mix of audiences, spanning a wide range of artists, genres and moods.  From Miles Davis to Nicki Minaj – the art direction has to serve as the connective tissue between the brand and  the content, so imbuing the brand with a personality that is consistent and doesn’t compete with the content was crucial. This resulted in a cohesive visual system that is broad enough to support the different genres and artists available on loop.tv – but is still uniquely identifiable as a brand. 

This visual system is called “off-canvas” – a visual metaphor and an identity system in one. The concept further highlights the idea of continuous playback by placing active content in the middle of the action, with large type bleeding off screen and  always hinting at what happened before and, most importantly, what’s to come. The system works in motion, print, digital and out-of-home. It connects everything the brand touches, internally and externally, and the brand ‘ volume’ can easily be turned up and down as needed.



"Future Büro put their heart and soul into this project from the first wireframes to the last animated touches. It's a delight to work with such a creative, passionate team who take pride in every single detail."


Liam McCallum – Chief Product Officer at loop.tv (2016)


The first beta of loop.tv is about to be released on web, iPhone and Apple TV - with an iPad app also in the works. The beta phase will enable us to test different features and functionality for potential inclusion in the final release of the product.

We're also working hard to extend the identity into a full motion graphics experience, complete with ident systems and custom sounds. From the mobile app, to the website and the Apple TV app, the aim is to fully immerse viewers in the loop.tv brand across every touchpoint.




UX, Branding & Direction, Design, 
Copywriting, Video production
Jack De Caluwé

Design, Production and Development
Future Büro

Crafted at Future Büro