Google Science Fair.

For the 2018 edition, Google wanted to rethink their global Google Science Fair into a more accessible, inclusive, and intuitive brand and product experience. We partnered with Google to create a new type of competition; one that ignites students’ passion for science, grows their confidence, and helps them envision a better world.


Reschaping the Fair

Our research revealed teens felt intimidated and excluded, and many believed science wasn’t their thing. They aspired to create real-world change, but many didn’t know where to start, or how science and technology could help. We set out to change that. 

To change the perception of the fair, we had to rebuild the brand from the ground up. We crafted a brand framework—including voice and tone, illustration, custom typography, and a digital design system—that would create a consistent brand experience across the marketing website, educational resources, participant stories and a student submission tool.


One Fair, 15 languages

The reach of Google Science Fair is worldwide, and our website had to reflect that. Everything we designed and developed put inclusivity and accessibility front and center—always keeping 15 languages in mind so nothing was lost in translation. 


Leveling the playing field 

Insight into previous Google Science Fairs revealed that students had signed up with ease, but many struggled to submit a complete project. So, we redesigned the project creation interface, giving it clearer guidance and a ton more resources — especially those that not all students have access to on their own.  

In today’s world we need a wider variety of 
approaches to problem solving and a broader diversity of perspectives.
From brand to product––and everything in between––the entire brand experience had to highlight and celebrate this idea that Google Science Fair is a place for everyone, and for every idea, big and small. 


Jack De Caluwé – Creative Director at Instrument (2019)



Inspiration in the classroom and beyond

Through the entire process, we collaborated with Google to bring the Fair to life beyond the website, inspiring kids around the world and making the initiative more approachable and inclusive. We created an extensive set of downloadable teacher resources, social assets, a series of posters to bring inspiration to the classroom, and a content series highlighting the stories and ideas of past participants. 




Role: Creative Director
Agency: Instrument