Fino Par is a sydney-based restaurant born out of love for Spanish food & the mediterranean culture. They strive to fuse flavour, seasonal and local ingredients with inspiration from their cultural heritage.

As part of their recent repositioning, One Green Bean asked us to redesign their digital presence to reflect their newly invigorated identity. Our goal was to create an online narrative that conveys the vibrant personalities and considered approach at the core of each One Green Bean Project. Refusing any ornaments or and any kind of superfluous content, we wanted to showcase their work in the best way possible: ironically that was by simply focussing on their work.

The website we designed gives total prominence to their work and process, featuring bold imagery and impactful mission statements, together with carefully crafted graphic and typographic elements as well as an easy and intuitive user experience. 


The splashes of green,  the white typography, and the total protagonism given to the work becomes a statement and drives attention to what really matters. The typography chosen for One Green Bean is the the classic Univers LT by  Adrian Frutiger, whose humanist approach mingles purity with warmth. The use of subtle animations and slide-out panels adds a sense of discovery to the overal experience as well as keeping the content powerful and compact.




Design, Art Direction and Photography
Jack De Caluwé

Production and Development
Future Büro

Crafted at Future Büro