Award Annual.

Every year the Australian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD) recognises the industry’s best creative ideas, and brings them together the Award Annual – a prestigious hardcover book. In 2013 they desired a fresh digitized way to present their annual.


The goal of AWARD is to inform and inspire people in and around the creative industry. The primary objective of the annual is to recognise and showcase other people's groundbreaking work, designing a flexible framework was paramount. The design had to be visually engaging but at the same time had to take a back seat and cater for a broad pallet of styles.

It was important that the interface was designed to be as clear and as simple as possible for the user. The app had to be optimised for fast and intuitive access to a large volume of information, while enhancing the viewing experience with the introduction of moving imagery, sound, category filters and the ability to watch, rather than simply describe, showcased footage. 

The design of the app is defined by bold typography, a user experience that takes advantage of all core features in Apple's IOS, and experimental visuals serving as a cutting-edge introduction to each award. The idea was to produce a compelling experience that both embodied and celebrated the creative process, rather than just the end result.  The visuals feature a composition of wax statues; with a replica of the famous stencil award as the centrepiece, surrounded by industry related objects such as a retro apple computer, a pantone book and a take away coffee cup. 

Those objects were then melted, allowing the colour of the award to blend with the others. The footage of that process was then played in reverse, giving the impression all objects rise simultaneously with the pencil – representing the process of creation; from nothing, to award-winning. The soundtrack features music from Art Blakey's classic soundtrack 'Des Femmes Disparaissent'.


“The idea was to produce a compelling experience that both embodied and celebrated the creative process, rather than just the end result.”


Jack De Caluwé – Creative Director at Future Büro (2015)



Creative Direction, Branding and Design
Jack De Caluwé

Production and Development
Future Büro

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